Videos created for various campaigns
The Unlikely Story

The trailer tells the story of William Girven - an artist in Santa Monica who happens to be homeless. After meeting William, Ralf - an entrepreneur working out of a co-working space located across the street from William's nighttime bedroom - the vision arose to launch a kickstarter campaign to raise money for a movie to document an art exhibition of William's art at CrossCampus. Hence the subtitle - From homelessness to prominence. More info at UnlikelyStoryLA.com


NextRX believes that medical marijuana patients deserve a better experience and so we developed the RX-Pass system which provides patients with secure and convenient digital registration and one-scan check-in at subscribing dispensaries. Patients earn RX-Points with a fixed value of 1 cent per point which they can use to pay for their medicines. They can also buy points to their account to make it easier to pay whether they pick-up or order delivery.

Equity crowdfunding campaign originally launched on
StartEngine in 2016 and on Fundanna in 2017.


Our shark tank is filled with Angels - Enter the crowd.

NextPitch was set-up to showcase the best equity crowdfunding campaigns that are NOT limited to accredited investors.

Some have called our event "Shark Tank 2.0" since the crowd is the one who gets to both rate and fuel innovative campaigns - on the spot.